Factbox gordon brown writes: (2017-08-22T14:14:18

Factbox gordon brown writes: (2017-08-22T14:14:18.772000+00영주출장마사지:00)

I’ll do what you guys want so long as you don’t call me racist, faggot, white supremacist, or otherwise in a derogatory manner

Tordek writes: (20우리 카지노17-08-22T14:14:21.061000+00:00)

And it doesn’t matter. I’d hate to be accused of something without evidence

O.Staaf writes: (2017-08-22T14:14:27.081000+00:00)

I don’t mind

Tordek writes: (2017-08-22T14:14:28.452000+00:00)

I can’t wait to see what he’ll say

O.Staaf writes: (2017-08-22T14:14:33.567000+00:00)

if you wanna make it illegal to be a neo

O.Staaf writes: (2017-08-22T14:14:40.251000+00:00)

and if not we’re never gonna see you anymore

Tordek writes: (2017-08-22T14:14:40.991000+00:00)

I have no intention of having anyone in my family become Nazis

Tordek writes: (2017-08-22T14:14:51.883000+00:00)

I’d rather not have the right, I’d rather have the wrong

O.Staaf writes: (2017-08-22T14:15:11.883000+00:00)

and your comments show you’re a bigot

O.Staaf writes: (2017-08-22T14:15:19.282000+00:00)

and a scum and filth

O.Staaf writes: (2017-08-22T14:15:29.574000+00:00)

and a bully

O.Staaf writes: (2017-08-22T천안안마 천안출장마사지14:15:32.721000+00:00)

and a racist

O.Staaf writes: (2017-08-22T14:15:37.883000+0