Police stage snowy crime operation

Police stage snowy crime operation

(14:10 a.m. PT, 10/6/16) – On Friday morning, police officers set up a snow machine and set up some snow blowers at a scene in southeast Calgary that was closed after officers were called to a possible possible incident between an alleged stolen vehicle and an RCMP helicopter.

According to the RCMP, the unit was dispatched to the scene, at 3820 34 St., at 1 a.m., for reports of an unknown man with an unusual licence plate. They said the person allegedly matched the description provided 룰렛by the stolen vehicle.

An unknown man was spotted in the nearby parking lot of a nearby coffee shop and is also thought to have fled the scene after police were called to the scene.

“We have a small area of about 50 feet down the hill, so when you are looking at an area you would expect you to see some police activity,” Const. Tony Fauci said at the scene. “We can’t say anything more than that at this point but they are conducting a snowy crime investigation and as always, the police are providing assistance to members of the public.”

Police cordoned off the area and officers used a snowmower to clean a sno가평안마 가평출장마사지wbank from the area.

According to the RCMP, the unit is still trying to determine the identity of the alleged car thief.

Fauci said people are asked to be advised o아산출장샵 아산출장마사지f any reported road closures due to the incident so police can secure the area.