Drivers warned to slow down in wet weather

Drivers warned to slow down in wet weather

“We are advising everyone to slow down when driving in wet weather, especially if the weather is forecast to be wet. The road may appear muddy and slippery but drive슈퍼 카지노rs should be vigilant during wet conditions and be aware of the slippery surfaces.”

The advice comes ahead of the launch of the Queensland Government’s first state government road-safety blitz to coincide with the Great Australian Watterdale Day.

Queensland Road Safety and Operations Minister, James Merlino, says the ad수원출장샵vice to drivers comes on the eve of the “Drowning Time of Australia Day”.

“Dr온 카지노ivers should avoid all wet conditions at all times,” Mr Merlino said.

“Always wear a helmet and ensure your tires are adequately inflated as these are the critical elements in driving at speed.”

Mr Merlino says drivers should drive only when ready to take a safe and controlled exit of the road, using the blind spot as your only warning.

If you witness any problems, contact police immediately.

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