New campaign to push value for money holidays for young families

New campaign to push value for money holidays for young families

Fears rise that families on benefits are being left to foot the bill for the holidays as they struggle to pay rent, mortgages and mortgage interest

‘We want to change the way people live – that means we need to start asking people – families, singles, pensioners – how much they really need to pay to get everything we all need.’

The charity wants families to have an overall financial 카지노 사이트responsibility for the holidays as the charity’s research shows the average holiday budget for working adults was £16,000, compared to £12,000 for children aged 16 to 20.

There is widespread belief that many families are facing financial pressure which has meant they have not taken out holiday loan help to meet the holidays bill, forcing parents to put their children to work or cut back on family trips to visit relatives.

In a letter to the Mail, the campaign group said families who spen더킹카지노d the holidays on credit card loans and make mistakes on their credit reports should not be rewarded with holidays as a result.

But it warned: ‘When it comes to family holiday entitlements, our research shows the average holiday budget for those aged 16-20 years is £12,000, compared to £14,000 for those aged 19-20 years. The numbers are even worse for people aged 15-17.

‘This means that the number of families living on debt to pay the bills they need to do their holiday is a national and global problem.’

The charity’s chief executive, Jenny Reed, added: ‘When people think about paying for a holiday, what comes to mind are credit cards, private jet tickets, Christmas presents and car-rentals.

‘But not everyone is going to spend algospelhitzl of their disposable income on the best possible holiday they can possibly get.

‘While there is plenty to be done around paying off debts and investing in a holiday home and budget to help with the inevitable cost of renting, there are certain restrictions on how you pay for the holiday you want.

‘It is our task to give credit to those who are willing and able to take a risk to take the family holiday of their dreams and not the ones who don’t.

‘A recent study by the National Council for Crime and Justice found that families have the highest likelihood of making the choice between making a choice – on their own or as a family – that is best for their family, the family holiday, and their partner’s holiday.’

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