Swim ban to take effect

Swim ban to take effect.

No new regulations, but penalties increase from $35-$45 per day.

The penalties also increase by $25 for drivers who fail to remove a vehicle from the water within a six-month period.

The state will also create a new public safety enforcement division.

Laws regulating water quality will be revised.

In addition to water qualit우리카지노y and vehicle compliance, this year will also see changes to driving under the influence.

Drivers with certain driving records and certain traffic violations will now be required to take an alcohol test, regardless of whether or not they drive a vehicle.

Motorist’s right to remain silent

State officials will also require vehicle owners who refuse to provide their consent to a st더킹카지노ate breathalyzer test to answer it.

The law also mandates that vehicle owners who fail their breathalyzer test or fail to provide their consent to a stateapronx breathalyzer test will face a fine of $1,000, lose their driver’s license, and the driver could have a vehicle impounded for up to 18 months.

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It is a little early to call this the end of the road for motorists, but at least there are now two options – the current “no pass” law or a new, much more lenient law to keep people and cars safe on the water.

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